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Spa Therapies

Tandem Massage:
Couples or friends seeking to receive massage therapy at the same time can schedule together. We offer appointments in the day, evenings, weekends, and some holidays. Swedish Massage is $75.00 per person; Deep Tissue Massage is $80.00 per person for an hour massage. Compare to local spa and club pricing.

Hot Stone Therapy and Massage:
The use of hot stones to enhance the relaxation massage experience.  Hot stone therapy helps to melt away tension with subtle but firm pressure and therapeutic use of heat therapy.
Price: $120.00 for 75 minutes.

Ultimate Relaxation Massage:
Experience a 90-minute full body relaxation routine that concentrates on the feet, legs, arms, hands, face, entire spine and back.  Coupled with moist heat and hot stone placement on the hands and feet. This is a perfect escape from daily stress, and affords the person a sensational relaxation experience. Price: $110.00 - 60 minutes is $75.00

Sports Massage:
This is an intense deep tissue massage of the back and orthopedic joints coupled with strong, passive stretching of the different orthopedic joints such as the shoulders, thighs, legs, and back areas.
This maybe to intense for those with known orthopedic conditions like hip or knee joint arthritis / replacements.

Extremities Massage:
30 minutes of massage for the hands and feet. Applying firm but soothing pressure to the hands or feet, for the individual who stands all day, or a person who uses the hands in a repetitive fashion. Great for computer professionals, musicians, or those who find stress release in having hand or foot massage therapy. Price: $40.00 ½ hour

Body Exfoliation and Swedish Massage:
The use of body exfoliants such as sugars and salts to exfoliate dead skin cells, followed by moist heat toweling and soothing full body Swedish massage therapy.  Emphasis is on the legs, feet, hands, arms, and the spine areas. This 90-minute treatment is priced at $110.00

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